Good food should have a beautiful appearance, good taste and nutritious. Vegetable dishes have a variety of colors and flavors, which make your meal richer and can bring you an unusual taste experience. Many prefer the creation of images, cutting, trimming from vegetables. The article introduces 7 cooking methods from vegetables. You will have nutritious meals for family members.

The Cooking Method From Vegetables

How to Choose Vegetables

Picking vegetables is imperative. If you buy old vegetables, rancid or wilted, cooked dishes will not naturally sweet, hard to eat. However, if you choose green vegetables, it is not safe. Vegetables can always contain high levels of chemicals, insecticides, and other harmful health effects. Therefore, you want fried vegetables from the store of fresh food, vegetables, and fruits on the farm. You will have foods from vegetables that are tastier and safer.

The Pre-Processing Vegetables

You start processing by washing and peeling. For hard-boiled vegetables, they can not be soft-cooked. You should not peel off the shell. To make vegetables delicious, when you wash vegetables, you should soak them in the water to clean the dirt and mud. And this way also keep the fresh vegetables, maintain the source of nutrition.

The Pre-Processing Vegetables

7 Popular Cooking Methods From Vegetables

#1 Boiling Vegetables

Boiling is the most common way. This process is quick and easy to implement. If you like to eat soft vegetables, boiling will be the most appropriate way. Most vegetables can boil. However, there are also unsuitable types of processing such as tomatoes, bell peppers or eggplant. They will be better when cooked or fried.

The Boiling Vegetables

When boiling vegetables, you should put a little salt (1.5 liters of boiling water corresponding to 1 teaspoon of salt) to keep green for vegetables. The amount of water boiled in the pot must be sufficient, and this ensures the vegetables completely submerged in water. However, you should not use too much water. You will need more time to cook and lose more nutrients in vegetables. To keep vegetables from losing a lot of nutrients, you put vegetables in water at the time of boiling water. The time to cook the vegetables will be less than the tubers.

If you boil vegetables, you should cover the lid during boiling. After boiling, it should be removed immediately and put in a cold water bowl. For white vegetables such as white broccoli or potatoes, add some lemon juice to the vegetable broth. This will help vegetables not change color.

#2 The Soup from Vegetables Served with Rice

Soup is an indispensable dish, helping you to provide water, fiber, protein and fat in your daily meals. You can process a lot of soup such as vegetable soup, red beet soup, broccoli soup, mixed mushroom soup. You will have many dishes from vegetables, variety menus, and creativity for meals. Also, you can also add aromatic herbs to increase the sense of smell and increase appetite.

#3 Stewing Vegetables

This is an appropriate vegetable processing method for winter months. If you stew vegetables with other ingredients, you need to remember that vegetables are cooked faster than meat. Therefore, it is necessary to schedule the time to cook vegetables at the right time. This is to avoid the case of too soft vegetables. The stew method helps to keep the natural taste of vegetables. Onions, mushrooms and root vegetables are the best options for stews. You should use a good crock pot. And you should look over the crock pot reviews for a reasonable choice. This will help you cook delicious and attractive stewed vegetables.

#4 The Stir Fried Vegetables

Surely everyone knows how to prepare fried dishes from vegetables, and even cooked dishes are indispensable dishes in every meal of many families. Sautéed dishes will add flavor to the food, and create the appeal of the food.

However, people need to know some basic skills to cook fried vegetables. Fried food is easy to make, whether you are good at cooking or not, you can also cook quickly and quietly. You only need to prepare ingredients such as cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, kohlrabi. First, you have to sort vegetables. For bulbs, fruits that are thick and hard to ripen, you will fry first. Then heat the pan, add oil, season with some minced garlic and sauté. Finally, you will use coriander to create a scent. You can also use other seasoning or spices to increase the attractiveness and delicious dish.

Note that you should give a little salt when stir-fried vegetables. This will keep the color of the vegetables and help to add eye-catching dishes. If you fry vegetables with meat, seafood, then you should cook meat, seafood, food first. This will keep the freshness and color of vegetables.

#5 Steaming Vegetables

Steaming is also a way of processing that helps keep the nutrients in the vegetables. This is an excellent choice for those who are interested in healthy food processing methods. Using the autoclave contributes to making the vegetables fresh and delicious. Asparagus, white broccoli, broccoli, and lentils are vegetables that are suitable for steaming.

#6 Grilling Vegetables

Vegetables contain plenty of water, so they are suitable for grilling. If you want to cook vegetables quickly, you should cut all the same size ingredients. This will help them quickly and evenly. The method of grilled will help vegetable dish has an intense flavor, especially with straw mushrooms or asparagus.

#7 Eating Fresh Vegetables with Other Dishes

You do not cook vegetables, this is also a method of cooking. If you do not want to cook vegetables. You use vegetables, fruits, and vegetables with salty. You can use broccoli, tomato ball, raw vegetables, to eat with braised fish, fried fish, roasted meat. This is how you can create a variety of dishes and help your body digest and absorb better.

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