Have you ever prepared a meal for your family with lots of green components? How do your kids react to the vegetables? I bet it would be such a terrible experience for them though the foods were so delicious and colorful. Kids and vegetables are enemies, we know that from the first time, but can you change this reality?

Many parents force their children to eat the vegetables without making them like this kind of food, that’s why they keep hating vegetables. I know that we all have the same issue. In this article, I will show you how to get your kids interested in their vegetables with just some tips and tricks.

Before going to the content, I strong recommend you to apply these tips slowly to receive the best result. Don’t push your kids too hard if they don’t want to.

Kids eating vegetables

Getting Started Early

When I say to get things slowly doesn’t mean you put all the work behind and force your kids whenever you want. You should begin from day 1, it is the essential step to form a habit. Making the habit of eating vegetables is what you need to do. Your efforts, as well as the work for your children, would be easier if they can accept the truth that the vegetables are a vital part of the meal. The habit should be formed at once and kept up all the time. Don’t skip putting the vegetables in any meal just because you are too busy.

Let’s take me as an example. After doing some researches about the behavior of kids and why they don’t like eating vegetables, I realized that the fault is partly ours. We forgot to put vegetables into the meals regularly and the result now is that our kids refuse to eat them because of their taste. That’s why you should form the habit before they can distinguish things and know to get rid of some parts of the meal.

Never Give Up

Many people say that they have given up after putting vegetables in the meals for few times because their children didn’t seem to understand and accept. That’s because they are children and they are so stubborn. So the solution for this is to be even more stubborn and patient that your kids. We need to be strict and serious about this. That means parents should fight strongly for their children health. You are not allowed to lose this battle because of your kids’ future.

Should parents tricks their kids to eat veggies?

You should apply this simple rule for every meal: Never leave the table before tasting all the food on the plate. That’s the simple and common rule for every food including vegetable of course. If you can create a good habit for your kids, even when you can feed them for a single meal, it can’t be counted as something useful in the future. However, if they can follow the rule and eat even just a little amount of the green thing on the plate, it would be a giant leap for you. Keep following the tips to find other solutions.

Fruits and How to Use Them

Another way that can help you a lot in adding vegetables into the kids’ diet is using the fruits. You can mix them together to create a colorful dish that can attract any child to taste. Of course, it is a sneaky way, this would be easier than make you kids try the bitter taste of vegetables right away.

You can mix the vegetables together with tons of fruits so as to from countless recipes of salad and juice. In this way, the annoying taste of the vegetables will be hidden by the sweetness of fruit. This is the key to guaranteeing the nutrition but also get rid of the fear of vegetables of your kids.

Another small tip when applying this method is that you should slice the vegetables and the fruit small before mixing them up together will an amount of mayonnaise. This way will prevent your kids from avoiding the green things.

You should use fruits with a sweet taste with red or yellow color so as to make the dish looks attractive and delicious. For example, you can mix broccoli – a bitter and hard to eat vegetable – with carrots and tomatoes and pineapples so that the salad will be such a great combination and not too bitter or sour.

Kids are very good at separating things, so don’t be a worry if they can be succeeding in doing so and ruin your whole efforts. That won’t be a problem if you can make them eat that almost every day. Again, be patient and even more stubborn than your kids.

Cook vegetables for your kids

Mix The Vegetables with Their Favorite Dishes

This is one of the most effective ways if you know their favorite foods. It would be pasta, lasagna or meatballs. They can be mixed with other types of ingredient to make tasty dishes. Make sure you can make them taste as good as the original version so as to keep the attraction of the food to the kids. This way can help you a lot in making a habit of eating vegetables.

Many kids love pasta, so adding the vegetables inside them is the best way for you. First, you should start with easy – to – eat vegetables such as carrot or tomato, then move on to other types with a bitter taste. At first, the result could be awful, but after a certain amount of time, things would be so much better.


These tips and tricks won’t work if you are not the role model for your children. You should be the one who eats vegetable first, even if you are not a fan of them. Your kids won’t have any reasons to go against you if you can consume this type of food. You should be strict in this problems so as to protect the health of your kids. Above all, create happy and fun atmosphere during the meal so as to encourage your kids to eat properly.

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