Vegetables are the best food in the world that contains vital vitamins, minerals as well as a huge amount of fiber. However, not many people know how to change the cooking methods of this type of food instead of boiling and stir – frying all the time. That’s the reason why this article is written. Knowing other cooking methods for vegetables enables you to make tastier dishes and add more flavors to your meals.

Many parents complain that their kids don’t bother tasting the veggies on their plates. Everybody knows that eating vegetables is such a difficult task for kids. The main reason is about the bitter taste of the veggies and partly because parents don’t change the way they cook the green ingredients. This is why you should learn how to cook veggies in other ways to have your kids enjoy this type of food and protect their future health.

Vegetable cooking methods

  1. Sauteing The Vegetables

Among common ways to cook the veggies, saute is considered one of the best ways according to my estimation. It is very quick and easy to handle as well as the flavors it could bring to the vegetables. Unlike other cooking methods, the nutrients are kept inside the veggies with the help of oil, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food. When sauteing, the vegetables are cooked in a pan with oil and aromatics under high temperature. This way can be similar to stir – fry somehow, but they have some differences that you can notice easily. You can use this method with types of veggie such as mushrooms, zucchini, onions and green beans. Before cooking, you should cut the vegetables into slices or pieces so as to have them cooked well.

Heat the oil in your pan with medium – high heat until it simmers. Then add aromatics such as onions, garlic or ginger into the oil then saute them until the smell is good enough. The final ingredient you can put in is the vegetable, but be careful with the pan. You won’t want to use crowd the pan too quickly. After a few minutes, season the mixture with herbs and spices. Wait for the spices to imbue and the veggies are tender and crispy. That’s how you can saute the veggies.

  1. Braising and Stewing

This might take a long amount of time cooking the veggies in this way, so you should buy some kitchen appliances such as the stewing machine to shorten the cooking time. Braising and stewing mean that you cook your veggies slowly in flavorful liquid for a long time. The heat is low, so it might take you hours to complete the dish. The veggies then become flavorful and tasty with gender and tender pieces.

Braising vegetables

This cooking method allows you to be free for other works as well as add other flavors into the dish. You can cook root vegetables such as potatoes, beans or celery so that the dish will be colorful and tasty. You children can’t deny a good soup when trying your result with the sewer. In addition, stewed and braised vegetables is tender and soft which is very convenient for elder people to eat because they don’t have to chew much.

  1. Roasting The Vegetables

This method is quite simple and common though you haven’t seen this one before. It can satisfy your tongue even if the ingredients are not your favorite. Roasting the veggies means that you have to caramelize the vegetables in the hot oven for a certain amount of time. The sweetness of the dish is from the natural sugar inside the vegetables which is very unique. With this cooking method, you don’t have to wait in front of the oven until the food is cooked completely. Remember to slice the vegetables to fit the roasting rack before putting it into the oven. The temperature is about 400 degrees.

Don’t forget to have a little amount of oil and season the veggies before turn the oven on. The food is done only when the vegetables are tender and the outer coat is crispy. There is a wide range of vegetable that you can roast including onions, carrots, garlic or tomatoes.

Baking is quite similar to roasting, but you don’t have to caramelize the ingredients. The oil is less than when you roast the veggies.

  1. Pickling The Vegetables

To many people, the one thing that can be pickled is the cucumber. Well, the truth is that veggies are the best ingredients to pickle, too. People seem not to be interested in pickled vegetables very much, but it really is an effective way to have a strange and tasty flavor with the vegetables.

PIckled Vegetables

The vegetables must be sealed inside a canning jar and stored for about 1 year. With people who want to enjoy this food soon, people can use the fast – pickle vegetables which are stored for at least 2 months. The taste of pickled vegetables is a little bit hard to eat. It is crispy and sour and very suitable when using with steaks or beef. However, not any kind of vegetable can be pickled. Radish, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers are types of veggie that can bring the best result if being pickled.

Quick pickling is a special method that helps the veggies get better taste in a short period of time. You have to use ingredients such as white vinegar, water, herbs, and spices to make the pickling water. Wait for at least 2 months before ripping off the seal and eat this kind of food. Another caution is that once the seal is opened, you have to eat the pickled food within 3 days so as to keep the best quality of the product.

These are some names that you can ask for pickled vegetables: Radish pickles, Kimchi and pickled cucumber. Don’t worry if you can’t make it right from the first time doing. However, you have to know more about making dishes from vegetables.

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