We all know the benefits of eating vegetables regularly; we really want to cook them in best ways so that consuming this type of food is not going to be such a burden anymore. Normally vegetables and types of fruit are often cooked by using simple methods such as boiling, steaming or salad making. We tend to avoid grilling and roasting vegetable so as not to damage the nutrition and fiber inside this type of food. In fact, this habit makes us unable to create more amazing and interesting dishes.

In this list, I will show you several types of vegetable that is perfect for grilling. But first and foremost, make sure that you can find some best grill cuisines for a healthy green weekend but still flavorful and definitely not – a – boiled vegetable dish! However, don’t forget a tip: best kitchen appliances make best cuisines. So before doing anything, make sure you have the best charcoal grills or look at the best gas grills to make a decent decision.

Grill vegetables

  1. Green Beans

These green beans have been the best choice for grilling, especially when you combine with types of meat. You can grill them easily and quickly and still keep the fresh and juicy taste inside. However, the worst thing about green beans is that they are quite slender and tend to slip through the grid if you don’t place it carefully. That’s the reason why you should use the grill basket. It’s very useful for other types of nuts and vegetables as well. The lid will let the heat comes in easily and keep the vegetables inside safely.

Combining green beans with types of meat is the effective way to add sweetness to the meat slices. One the other hand, the beans would be more tender and juicy with the help of a meat layer beneath. If you want something greasy, add a little amount of olive oil on the sides of the beans. The flavor can be upgraded is you can add some kinds of spices such as salt or pepper while grilling. Butter is also another choice for a good flavor.

Green beans

  1. Onions

If you want something different while grilling, try using onions. You will be amazed by the transformation of this vegetable. As you know, the flavor of onion might be quite annoying to some people since it is quite acrid and sharp, but after grilling, the onions would be tender, sweet and mellow. You should cut the onions into rounded – shape slices just like you prepare tomatoes for the burger. Place it directly on the grill or on top of the meat to combine the flavors together.

Here’s a tip for you while grilling onions: don’t overheat this ingredient since it is grilled quite fast. High heat will drive it out of your control. You might prefer a medium – heat grill to slowly cook the onions inside out.

  1. Potatoes

This is my favorite type of vegetable when you want to look for something to grill with the meat. However, don’t turn them into snacks because that would not be healthy at all. All you want to do is following some simple steps as below:

  • Par – boil the potatoes first. Make sure it is not overcooked.
  • Slice the potatoes but not too thin.
  • Place the potatoes onto the skewers and grill them.

Tasty potatoes are something you really want to eat with the grilled meat for an outdoor garden party. Moreover, if you want something even better, think of changing the original flavor with some russets and a few simple techniques. Have you ever heard of smoked potatoes? If not, this is the chance for you to try it:

Grilled potatoes

  • Cut the potatoes into chunks
  • Rub them with olive oil and season with your taste
  • Put the potato chunks on the grill and close the lid
  • Make the heat for indirect grilling and add smoking chips inside

Notice: don’t wrap them so that they can be smoked directly. The smoking process should be done after 40 minutes. Then take the smokes potato chunks out and enjoy them with other types of cream and sauce. Amazingly, smoked potatoes are perfect for almost any kinds of sauce. Combine this dish with bacon and you will blow everybody’s mind with your cooking talent.

  1. Corn

Of course, corn is one of the most suitable veggies for grilling because they are often eaten this way in winter. People often tell you that the best corn is the one which is grilled inside the husk. It is not the best way to grill corns. You should prepare more than that to exploit the potential fully.

Actually, you can grill corns directly on the grill. Don’t forget to put butter on the surface to avoid burning. With people who love spicy food, there would be nothing better than a grilled corn and Tabasco source coated. Eat bite will take you to another planet with such an awesome flavor. You might not want to eat meat anymore when you have this type of vegetable on the grill skewers.

Grilled corn

  1. Tomatoes

Grilling tomatoes might make them burn and decrease the flavor significantly since this type of veggie; I mean fruit is served best when eating raw. However, what I’m trying to tell you here is how to combine tomatoes with types of meat.

Tomato has always been the best supporters for types of sauce and food in terms of flavors, color, and smoothness. Therefore, there could be no reason for this combination between grilled chicken, pork or beef, and tomato. Place them on top of the meat and see the tomato juice blend in with the meat juice inside. Everything is going to be awesome with tomatoes, even if you don’t eat them directly.

There are so many kinds of veggies you can discover more with your grills such as zucchini, radicchio or even apples. Cooking is not about avoiding risk cooking methods, it’s about how you utilize them and make them great with your cooking skills. Use more vegetables for your own health!

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